Review on the Best Stand up Paddle Boards for Beginners 2015

Owning the best stand up paddle boards is what many beginners dream of. A good board will minimize the clumsy falls, poor balance, or stressing the body as you attempt to improve your skills. However, many individuals soon realise that owning the best stand up paddle (SUP) isn’t as simple as a stroll along the beach. In fact, making the right choice has become a bigger headache thanks to the many varieties in the market. Fortunately, you don’t need to struggle during the search. Simply follow our review to find the best stand up board in 2015.

3. C4 Beachboy Stand up Paddleboard 10’6

C4 Beach Boy Stand up Paddleboard

Undoubtedly one of the best SUP boards for beginners, the C4 Beachboy Paddle Board comes with a longer, wider, and flatter surface that improves balance and stability. Measuring 10’6 inches long and 32 inches wide, newbies will have less trouble trying to maintain balance and will instead focus on learning the sport. For added comfort and maneuverability, the sturdily built SUP board features an ergonomic and versatile design as well as a slot at the nose for tie downs. To minimize the possibility of damage or breakage, the board is crafted from high quality material and is coated with high quality finish to reduce friction. Carrying the board around isn’t a big issue since it weighs 23.3 pounds

2. C4 Holo Holo 10’6


Although the 10’6 C4 Holo Holo is designed with the beginner in mind, it features same quality and construction found in the top-end boards. The 10’6 comes with a strong board that can support even the heavy surfers, and has well designed edges that allows water to easily flow out. And to minimize the likelihood of losing your footing or poor balance, the board comes with a full soft top, non-slip surface, and a broad base. The large size, wide base, and versatile design makes the board ideal for other related activities such as SUP yoga and can also support two people.

1. Riviera Select Series 10’6

Riviera Select Series 10

The Riviera Paddle Boards Select Series tops the list of the best stand up paddle boards for beginners. This elegantly designed board features a veneer top sheet that brings out a classy appeal and makes it one of the most attractive boards in the market. Regarded as an all-round board, the 10’6 board is designed for beginners and can handle different kinds of conditions whether surfing, flat water, or choppy waters. Use of materials such as carbon fiber and bamboo not only make the board strong and durable but also light and compact. Courtesy of the smooth edges and high quality finish, the board isn’t affected by water or moisture and will maintain its shape and functionality for a long time while the contoured surface ensures the surfer maintains grip and good balance.


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