Product Review: Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer

Designer Skin Luminary BronzerA product of Designer Skin, the lotion is widely acclaimed as probably the best tanning lotion product on the market. Most tanners who have reviewed this product concur that the results of using this lotion are almost immediate.

Other tanners boast that they were able to achieve exceptionally good results despite having a fair skin and not possessing a dark base tan.

Moreover, the lotion smells great. A

fter use, with its moisturizing ingredients, it leaves you feeling silky and irresistibly smooth.

The following are reasons why the product is deemed to be outstanding:

  • The lotion consistency and feelĀ 

The lotion possesses a rich texture, and is very smooth. Unlike many other lotions that often feel cakey and heavy, this bronzer lotion feels light and dries fast, thus, allowing you to hop onto the tanning bed as soon as possible.

  • Amazing Tanning Results

The tanning lotion is ideal for all kinds of skins and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor tanning. Tanners who often experience problems burning easily are grateful that this tanning lotion can give one an appealing bronze tan without the usual unsightly red blotches common with other tanning lotions. The luminary designer skin lotion provides deep, dark tan that the manufacturer presents as being able to also fight free radicals and to boost skin elasticity and smoothness.

  • Awesome Features

This lotion features a Light Engaged Defiance Complex; a feature that improves the rich, glorious look of your tan by locking light in while giving the tan a natural glow. The tanning lotion also packs the solar silicone emulsion- an ingredient which helps to maintain a deep, glowing color.

The only drawback with this product is that it is sold at a slightly higher price than most other tanning products. But it is comforting to think that though you pay a lot for it, you will get great value for your money. The lotion is sold at $42 for a 13.5 oz. bottle.

Designer Skin Luminary is currently rated as the best tanning lotion.

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