10 Very Important Steps in Having a LONG and Beautiful LOVE Life

They say love is like a gamble, or a game, but once you find each other among the billions of people on earth- you can both win! It’s quite rare and so many people long to be loved and it is in their wildest dreams to have a good relationship. Love is a magical thing, but only those few who have truly felt it would agree. So when you get lucky and find Mr. or Ms. Right, don’t skip a beat and let it pass you by.

the beauty of a love life
the beauty of a love life


“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” – Loretta Young.

How can you have a beautiful love life bound to last long, for you to cherish forever if you finally decide to settle down? Love is an act, and needs to be continuously cared for, nourished, and rekindled to keep it alive, and here are 10 ways to ignite the spark all over again and keep romance intact towards a fruitful and happy love life:

1. Love Yourself. Now, aren’t we talking about relationships here? To be able to truly love, you must first love yourself! How can you care for and nurture your partner’s needs when you can’t say the same for yourself? True you must freely give, but never sacrifice to the point of being a martyr and see to it that you always save some for yourself whether time or assets. Look properly groomed and stay smelling fresh for your own sake, and to be attractive to your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, as if you are set to go out on a date! If you couldn’t care less how you look, surely you would care if he or she sets eyes upon another man or woman!

2. Love Your Partner. This entails showing your affection in small gestures like cuddling, a soft kiss, holding hands, and however you intend to let your partner feel loved in your own little way. Treat your special someone with kindness and gentleness. Tell him or her how you really feel and how important they are to you. Your love exists to bring out the best in your partner, and make it known if he or she doesn’t realize it. Loving means you are willing to extend that love to people and things that matter to him or her.

3. Accept Your Partner. The most important aspect of any relationship is accepting him or her as she is and letting them be who they are! Habits and personalities exist, and neither you or your partner needs to be different. Focus on the great things like how sexy, beautiful, and irresistible he or she is, and tell it straightforward! Then work your way into accepting them entirely and wholeheartedly, which will make you both happier.

4. Do New Things Together. This may sound too familiar, but do you really put some effort into it? This doesn’t mean planning extremes like skydiving or an out-of-this-world rendezvous. It’s simply something interesting that you both haven’t tried, maybe cook together, have a couple massage, take a painting class, hop on a rollercoaster, go camping like little boy or girl scouts, and do other weird or amazing stuff. This can turn into something really special and a fun memory that only you guys have shared.

5. Engage in Eye-Gazing. New couples do this effortlessly and naturally, they just can’t help looking at each other and being mesmerized by their partner’s eyes! However, it can be easily forgotten as the relationship progresses, it’s like people don’t have time for it anymore when it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s a surefire way to keep the romance alive, truthful as you look straight into your man or woman’s eyes, and has a distinct prowess when making love!

6. Share Your Dreams. In line with step#6, is this beautiful quote to keep in mind:

“Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Share your beliefs, your goals in life, what you want to achieve, and it may all be within reach with a helping hand and all the support you’ll ever need from your loving wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. Believe in their potential, cheer them on, and celebrate their sweet success!

7. Remember When, Exactly When. The importance of remembering anniversaries and getting each other anniversary gifts cannot be highlighted more. A lovely token of appreciation becomes a constant and gentle mnemonic symbol of when you plunged into each other’s world to create an entirely new world together! It’s a milestone in both your lives that deserve to be celebrated in the most special way where you each get the most special present.

8. Boost Love with Sexual Satisfaction. Though sex is not the focal point of any relationship, it sure does have a huge impact on how good it gets and how strong it becomes. Discover everything about your partner, from what turns him or her on, what arouses intimate desires, to what’s regarded as sexually pleasing in bed. This makes for a thrilling environment and secrets only the two of you know!

9. Resolve Conflict Quickly. You don’t need to be the smartest person in the world to understand when there’s something wrong with your relationship, what exactly it is, and how you can fix it for the better.

You’ve probably heard of this famous quote:

“Love is not finding someone to live with. It’s finding someone you can’t live without.” – Rafael Ortiz

It is inevitable that there may be things you both need to compromise and change for a more harmonious relationship, but must never done in a nagging or discerning manner! Communication is the key while making certain that you listen, and bear in mind to show respect for one another.

10. Prepare a Special Surprise. Life is full of surprises, and love can hold so much more interesting events when expressed in unexpected romantic ways. You can initiate it by writing notes, making his or her favorite meal, give a genuine compliment, a thoughtful Thank You or I Love You gift, a surprise birthday party, and anything else you can spontaneously think of! Then have a toast and cheers to a long and beautiful lovelife!

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